I genuinely and wholeheartedly enjoy what I do to the very fullest and it is my expectation that you would treat me like any other lady on a date. Graciousness and good manners are sexy and a real turn-on for me! My main wish is to be in a respectful environment, especially during our initial exchanges.

Due to other commitments outside of the demimonde, same day appointments are rarely possible. Please note a man with great time management and the ability to take the time to plan ahead possesses the greatest aphrodisiac of all. As I’ve always said, I love a man with a plan!

Since I often adapt my own professional schedule and social events attending to accommodate my encounters, a last-minute cancellation will always put me in an uncomfortable situation. For any upscale selective companion, every canceled date has a domino effect. Once my schedule is up, I often have to decline all new offers, even for days I’m not booked. Please do not confirm with me unless you know your schedule. Rescheduling will be accepted at my own discretion and understand that a deposit will be then required to show your seriousness.

Forgive me if I don’t include an unblurred photo in my correspondences. I promise I’m just as described in my profile but I’m cautious at first with anyone I meet on the web. I imagine you are as well. My busy professional and social lives oblige me to protect my confidentiality, as well as yours.

Donation etiquette
Please, upon my arrival (or yours), kindly place the Roses within view. If our meeting occurs in public, please have your gift placed inside a book or a magazine and hand it to me discreetly.

Should you wish to extend our engagement, rest assured that it will not be an issue as I never accept multiple requests on any given day. Only a few select dates are indulged in to offer you a truly memorable private rendezvous.

Fly me to you
Traveling is my biggest passion and a beautiful way to explore the world and each other. Stepping off a plane to meet a lover is something that thoroughly spices up any adventure or business trip. The world is so big and I want to see every corner of it but I do not tour. I only cater to one-on-one exclusive travel. Fly me to you or fly me to meet you at an adventurous location. Please inquire… you’ll capture my full attention.

The ‘menu’
I am definitely open-minded, as you may have noticed on my profile, although I prefer not to talk about intimate details via our correspondence. If you are diligent about your homework, these questions will not need asking. As already stated on my profile, “I provide a veritable luxurious GFE experience to select gentlemen.“ Insensitive and explicit content will simply not be acknowledged. I prefer to only meet with gentlemen who, just like me, enjoy very much teasing and anticipation.